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President’s Message 

READY:  Are you ready for the upcoming exciting year of Women for a Better Louisiana?

SET:  Our speakers are set!

GO:     Now it is up to you to go to our meetings!

Why should you go?

You should go to meetings of Women for a Better Louisiana because you want to make our state a better place.  This begins with knowledge about what is taking place within our state.

At our meetings, you have the opportunity to gain valuable insight and knowledge as you listen and learn from our outstanding speakers.  It is through this insight and knowledge that you grow as a person.  Isn’t that what makes you and our state a better place?  I think so.  I hope you do too.  I also hope that means

I’ll see you at our meetings this year beginning with our first meeting on Wednesday, September 26, 2018.


Join us on January 18th for our first meeting of the year. See the calendar page for more information. See photos of the 2016 Holiday Luncheon on the events page. Click here for the January newsletter.


julie-olsen-linda-krausWBL President Linda Kraus (right) with speaker of our September Meeting, Julie Olsen, Executive Director of Plaquemines CARE centers.

Julie related the history of the foundation, described the services they provide and enumerated the obstacles they face. Sharon Branon, a former Plaquemines Parish School Board member, also attended the meeting


Dates will be February 13 thru 16 – It will be a 4 day event this year.  Hope you can save some time to help us!


ronald-mcdonald-house-groupOn August 24, we had a very impressive, wonderful and exciting tour of the New Orleans Ronald McDonald House 4403 Canal St, New Orleans, LA 70119 (504) 486-6668. It is a wonderful old home with a large porch, large kitchen furnished with food for the residents to use, a dining room, accommodations for sleeping 51, lovely bathrooms, a play area for the children with books and toys, 2 community rooms with TV, a patio, 2 laundry rooms and all meticulously clean.

Much of the work and supplies are provided by volunteers. Included in this newsletter is a list of donations that would be greatly appreciated by the staff and guests at the house.

If you want to make a donation you can either take it directly to the Ronald McDonald House or you can bring it to our Sept 21st meeting and we will deliver it to them.

WBL had 2 invited guests tour the Ronald McDonald House with us. Based on this experience they too plan to support the Ronald McDonald House. We currently have 2 WBL Members volunteering for the house and are hoping that you will also.

When the First English Lutheran Church in Metairie, Louisiana had a plant sale, some of their plants were donated to the Ronald McDonald House on Canal Street in New Orleans. Church members Linda Kraus and Diana Bulot contacted Carolyn Noah Graetz to transport the plants to the Ronald McDonald House. Carolyn not only picked up and delivered the plants, but with the help of a friend, Linda Wilson planted them at the Ronald McDonald House in April of this year.

Side Yard Garden Maintained by Carolyn

Side Yard Garden Maintained by Carolyn

Carolyn continues to spend some time with the plants at the Ronald McDonald House. She will update us on the success of her planting efforts at a later date. Many thanks to Carolyn Noah Graetz for her work!

Currently they have to remove all Elephant Ear plants because they hold water and therefore can breed mosquitoes.

Anyone wanting to donate plants or help Carolyn, call 504-283-5484 and we will put you in touch.

Toy Supply Room—Toys may be added to play room or used by guests as gifts for Christmas or birthdays.ronald-mcdonald-house-toys

ONE ITEM on the Wish List was 15 White Laundry Baskets for the 15 Bedrooms. Shortly after our tour of the House, Justine Aguiar and her mother Harriet Aguiar-Netto, purchased 15 baskets with WBL Funds and delivered them to the House.


Be sure to check the Wish List attached to this newsletter and see if there is something you or your organization would like to donate!

Our Member Shirley Williams is currently volunteering at Lakeside Hospital manning a Hospitality Cart that supplies refreshments and or toys to RMcD House patients and families.

More Volunteers are always welcome.

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Jan 2016Our January speaker, Janet Goforth, Director of Ronald McDonald House on Canal St. in New Orleans, spoke on all the things they do for families coming here for medical care, along with what organizations like ours can do to help the Ronald McDonald House. It was quite informative and interesting learning of the many ways they help visiting families, and that they are required to raise their own operating funds.

WBL voted to donate $1000 to help with their ongoing expenses and new WBL member Carolyn Graetz has volunteered to help with garden maintenance. There are many other volunteer opportunities available. If you are interested, you can Google ronald mcdonald house nola or call 504 486 6668.

King CakeJudy Fosco, Hospitality Chair, prepares King Cake which will be our desert for the Mardi Gras themed lunch she prepared for our January Meeting. Thanks Judy for making all of our meetings an enjoyable lunch!

April will be our Annual Day at the Legislature.
Date to be announced as soon as arrangements can be made.

We will have no General Meeting in April!

May 18 will be our Annual Meeting and Election and Installation of Officers —- all to be held at the beautiful Southern Yacht Club. Save the date and bring a friend or two.

Download the March 2016 Newsletter.


September 16, 2015 – General Meeting
Attendees: Linda Kraus, Diana Bulot, Carolyn Grath, Harriet Aguiar-Netto, Linda Kelly, Anna
Marie Barber, Shirley Williams, Nancy Simoneaux, Judy Callaway, Francoise Hocevar, Denise
Reinecke, Barbara Ryan, Judy Fosco, Myrtle Dubea, Joan Policastro

SPEAKER: Melissa Sawyer is co-founder and executive director of The Youth Empowerment
Project (YEP). YEP engages underserved young people through community based education,
mentoring and employment readiness programs to help them develop skills and strengthen ties
to family and community.

Lunch: 11:55
Call to order 12:20
Minutes: Approved
Treasurers Report:General Fund 6504.07, Child Advocacy 14,396.28 The Chevron check was

Child Advocacy-The club will review and reprint booklets if they are politically correct.
Margaret Ransone made copies of the booklet All About Going to Court for the club to examine.
WBL visit CAC on Nov 18 at 11 am. It is located at 1101 Calhoun in New Orleans.

Environment/Area Beautification-Coastal Restoration-Myrtle advised that Louisiana

Urban Forestry Council have applications for grants and matching funds.

Science Fair-WBL will need volunteers for the fair, which is Feb. 23-25. The awards
ceremony will now be held on Saturday morning at UNO.

Membership-Rose Magabgab sent a list with 5 new members. Linda Kraus suggested
discussing the using the Speaker’s Bureau and having fund raiser in an effort to get more
members. It was tabled for a future meeting.

Other business Sister Vera’s Mission– We requested a list of items from the mission that
they need for the guests.

Court Watch Nola: WBL will buy 4 tickets for the Court Watch Nola party.
Holiday Party at Vincent’s confirmed for December 16, 2015 at 11:30 A.M. It’s $33
per person.

Metropolitan Crime Commission Harriet Aquilar-Netto asked if a request for a
donation had been received. The question was tabled until the next meeting.

See Calendar Page for upcoming events.

Remarks for the good of the organization:
Diana Bulot introduced a new member Anna Marie Barber.

Harriet moved to donate $1000 to YEP. Seconded by Myrtle. The money will be donated
at the October meeting.

Joan Policastro asked to have the Corp of Engineers as a speaker and she will contact

Linda Kraus will begin emailing members of activities in the community so if they would
like to attend they will know that other members will be there.

Katrina stories and programs from May installation are still available.

To view the complete minutes, click here.


Trip to Legislature – Wednesday April 22

There are many budget concerns that will have to be hammered out which should be very interesting.

President’s Report ~~~~

So much has happened since my last report!  The Greater New Orleans Science and Engineering Fair was a major success.  We had over twenty WBL members volunteer at the Fair.  The projects were exceptional.  The WBL junior award for environmental science went to Matthew Marino of St. Matthew the Apostle School for his project “How Does the Temperature Affect the Efficiency of Solar Cells.”  Our senior environmental award winner was Trey Stewart of John Curtis School for his project on “Oil-Eating Microbes.” For the first time ever, all the major award winners were girls!

We had a delegation of WBL members at the Derby Day fund-raiser at the Fairgrounds on March 8th in support of the Audrey Hepburn Child Care Center.  Pam Rogers made the arrangements. We all looked lovely in our hats.  Thanks to Judy Callaway our picture as Women for a Better Louisiana was in the Orleans Times Picayune.

Joan White Bean and Carol McCall, past and present education chairs of Citizens for 1 Greater New Orleans, were our speakers at the March 25th meeting.  We learned a lot about Common Core.  At the heart of the discussion was that Common Core is a set of standards, it is not a curriculum.  Louisiana districts choose curriculum, not the state or federal government.  A delicious lunch was served by Judy Fosco.  This was followed by our actual meeting.

Carol McCall, Dr. Harriet Aguiar-Netto and Janet White Bean

Hats Off to Our President Harriet – One of the eight Honorees at East Jefferson General Hospital Auxiliary’s Thirty-Ninth Great Lady/Great Gentleman Awards.

Honored for her knowledge in education and science which led her into volunteerism and community activities. In her professional life she taught math and science at Tulane University, Isadore Newman School, St. Martin Episcopal School, where she was principal of the upper school, and at McGhee School. While teaching in the past thirty years she has presented numerous papers for the betterment of children’s lives.

Since 1997 she has volunteered as an education committee member for the Jewish Children’s Regional Service Education, served on Habitat for Humanity, League of Women Voters, Louisiana Children’s Museum for the building and operation of a physics wing and the Seiko Youth Challenge. She also served on the Lake Pontchartrain Foundation Education Committee for 6 years and the Christmas Tree Recycling Project for wetland reclamation in charge of high school recruits for 14 years.

Harriet’s son flew to New Orleans to be her Escort at the Announcement

Harriet’s son flew to
New Orleans to be her
Escort at the Announcement

It was at the Tree recycling project that she met some of our wonderful Women for a Better Louisiana and decided to join our ranks.  Since joining WBL she has been a faithful member serving where needed. Currently serving as our President and our Science Fair Committee Chair, and working with us to improve the quality of lives of abused and neglected children and working for a cleaner, better environment in Louisiana through litter campaigns and area beautification, especially the planting of trees. She has also become a Court Watch NOLA volunteer, A Start the Adventure in Reading tutor, and a Board Member of the Greater New Orleans Science and Engineering Fair Inc. since 2007.

Always true to her Volunteer Commitments—Harriet worked a full shift at the Greater New Orleans Science and Engineering Fair the day of the Awards Announcement Party!

View the print version of the WBL Newsletter April 2015.


WBL March General Meeting
Wednesday March 25 — 4th Wed.
11 A.M. – Light lunch–No Charge—Guests Encouraged
Speakers: Margo Phelps and Janet Bean of Citizens for 1 Greater New Orleans will try to help us understand Common Core!

Margo Phelps, Education Chairman, Citizens for 1 Greater New Orleans accompanied Ruthie Frierson to our January Meeting.
As their presentation progressed it became obvious that they had done much research into Common Core. We immediately asked Margo if she would be speaker at our March Meeting.
She agreed and will bring another member of the education committee, Janet Bean with her.


President’s Message ~~ February 2015
Our speaker at the January 28th meeting, Ruthie Frierson, was greeted by a very receptive audience as she detailed her founding of Citizens for 1 Greater New Orleans. She and other members of that organization have had success advocating a number of notable accomplishments (consolidation of a patchwork system of levee boards into two super-boards, combining seven Orleans Parish property assessors into one single office, etc.). They continue to work toward progress in criminal justice, education, and ethics/good government reform. Accompanying her was their education chairman, Margo Phelps. (It was exciting to realize that I taught Margo chemistry at McGehee’s some years ago!) As their presentation progressed it became obvious that they had done much research into Common Core. I immediately asked Margo if she would be speaker on Common Core at our March 25th meeting. She agreed and will bring another member of the education committee, Janet Bean, with her.

Among the many things accomplished at the January meeting it was decided that we would have a delegation of WBL members at the Derby Day fund-raiser at the Fairgrounds on March 8th in support of the Audrey Hepburn Child Care Center. Pam Rogers made the arrangements.

I reminded everyone of my personal project to collect Katrina memoirs from WBL members and have them compiled for the May luncheon. I would like to have your story in my hands by the end of March. You can either email it or send it to my home via conventional mail.

Thanks to Judy Fosco for preparing another delicious lunch for us and Joan Policastro for another batch of wonderfully delicious desserts.
I hope most of you will be at the March 25th meeting and that you will consider going to the state legislature with us in April.

Thanks to all who volunteered to help with the GNOSEF (Greater New Orleans Science and Engineering Fair)!  The Fair was very successful.  The Projects and were very good to great! The students were outstanding and very well behaved.  The only problem I saw was that more volunteers were needed, especially in the areas where WBL participates and the number of Judges.  Many had to serve long shifts to make up the difference.  More info and pictures to be included in next Newsletter.


Avoid doing anything that would desecrate the Natural beauty of our unique State.

Organize community clean-ups and publicize the results.

Encourage your local Media to involve themselves in the fight to have a cleaner State.

Report litter violators by calling 1-888-LITRBUG

Display an “anti-litter” sticker on the rear bumper of your vehicle.

Ask relatives and friends to participate in the effort to clean up Louisiana.

Thanks, Myrtle Dubea

Don’t Forget— March 25th will be a great meeting for anyone trying to understand COMMON CORE
and interested in learning more about the subject from a group that has a true interest in making New Orleans a better place to live, and has put a lot of time and intelligent energy into studying the issue ~~~Citizens for One Greater New Orleans. Guests Welcome!

Hope to see you and a few friends there. The Editor

April will be our Day at the Legislature. Date to be announced. Harriet, Diana and Linda are working on arrangements.

View the March Newsletter here.


President’s  personal project:
Collect Katrina Memoirs from WBL membersNeed your info by the end of March
The tenth anniversary of that traumatic event will be in August and I am hoping to have our collection available to the membership at the closing luncheon.  I know it will be wrenching for many of us to relive that terrible time but I believe it will be cathartic as well.  To that end I would like to have your story in my hands by the end of March.  You can either email it or send it to my home via conventional mail.  I will compile it and copy it for all of us to share.

PLEASE SIGN UP TO VOLUNTEER FOR SCIENCE FAIR (The Science Fair will be at the HPC Building on the UNO campus. Corner of Elysian Fields and Leon C. Simon)

Please list times you can work and your name and phone numbers and call Harriet @ 733-0925 or email to agnet@cox.net
For a schedule of volunteer opportunities please see page 3 of the January 2015 newsletter.

See the Calendar page for upcoming events.

Holiday Tea – Thanks go out to Rose for the Wonderful work she did making the arrangements and designing the invitations for this Joyous Event!
Thanks to Diana and Linda for gathering all of the Auction Items and handling all the details of the Auction Fundraiser.
Thanks to Myrtle for handling Reservations for the Tea! Check the Events page for photos.


Message from the President

The first general meeting of the 2014-15 year was alive with the colors and feel of autumn.

Stacey LeBlanc

Judy prepares Table for September Fall Meeting Lunch

Judy prepares Table for September Fall Meeting Lunch

Stacie LeBlanc, from the Child Advocacy Center, gave a presentation that both made WBL Members feel very good about our support of the Center, and made us wish we could do so much more.  That very night Stacie’s work was cited on the evening news.

Our “condo queen” hostess Judy Fosco cooked a pot of delicious gumbo served with moist cornbread, both of which we happily devoured.

When the meeting resumed, among other things, we discussed our continued support for many child advocacy programs and voted for donations to the Metropolitan Crime Commission and Court Watch NOLA.

On October 22nd we will have JoAnn Burke, the Education Coordinator for the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation, as our speaker.  She is very dynamic and knowledgeable about the history of Lake Pontchartrain and the environmental issues the Foundation is helping to resolve.  We will also have up-to-date information about our Annual Tea at Andrea’s on December 14th and the location of the Greater New Orleans Science and Engineering Fair to be held the week after Mardi Gras.

Hope to see you at the meeting!!

Harriet AguiarNetto

From the October 2014 issue of New Orleans Magazine – On p 52 there’s an article titled “Lab Coats Rock”.

Our president was one of three women featured:   “In Case You Missed It” read below

In 1966, the Associated Press sent out a New Orleans story along with a picture:  “Mrs. Harriet Joan Aguiar, a green-eyed blonde who could well rate as a pin-up girl for Viet Nam servicemen…is a scientist at Tulane University in New Orleans” working on a malaria cure.

Times change!

Harriet Aguiar-Netto (her second husband was the late Rene Netto) says, “They’d never describe someone as a ‘pretty blonde’ today!”
With her Tulane doctorate in  Organic Chemistry, she continued doing research, married, had children and taught science at the Louise S. McGehee School, St. Martin’s Episcopal School (where she became Head of the Upper School) and Isidore Newman School (where she taught Advanced Placement Chemistry).

Aguiar-Netto was honored with two summers of research at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California, working with Nobel Prize-winner Dr. George Smoot.
She takes great pride in her students’ success.  “When I have a mammogram, the radiologist who reads it was one of my girl students, and one of my fondest memories is of watching television Carnival night when they announced that the Queen of Comus was majoring in Engineering – and she was a student of mine.

Harriet Article

And what is our Harriet doing now—– when she is not bowling with WBL’erstraveling with friends or family or keeping the Mardi Gras tradition alive? She is tutoring Chemistry Students, serving her second term as President of Women for a Better Louisiana, has been WBL’s Science Fair  Chair for many years –where in addition to recruiting and preparing volunteers she spends three intense days coordinating WBL’s Volunteers in helping students have a safe and successful Fair  experience. She is also is a member of the Board of Director’s of The Greater New Orleans Science and Engineering Fair Region IX of Louisiana, Inc.; also a Volunteer for STAIR., and is participating in and helping to revive WBL’s annual Day at the Legislature which gives our members a chance to observe how our state government works and hopefully gets them more involved.

She has recently trained to be a court watcher for COURT WATCH NOLA.  Mr.  Brad Cousins, Director of Court Watch NOLA, spoke at a WBL meeting last year and explained the functions and aims of the organization.   WBL decided to be a contributor to their cause last year and again this year.  We are looking for more volunteers.

Below is a picture of Harriet with Brad Cousins   after she presented him with this year’s  WBL contribution–shortly before their court watch duties.

Harriet - Court Watch

Myrtle Dubea proves to WBL members that you can grow cotton in your home garden.

Myrtle Cotton

View the entire October 2014 newsletter.


Dear Members,

Today we held the 28th annual installation luncheon of WBL at Ralph’s on the Park.  The current officers were re-elected to a second term by acclamation.  The star of the luncheon, however, was Nancy Simoneaux who received an award from our organization for her superb work with WBL, particularly in heading our Child Advocacy committee.

Stacie LeBlanc and Lorrie Brennan from the New Orleans Child Advocacy Center then presented Nancy with their award and acknowledged the “passing of our chairmanship” of the WBL committee from Nancy to Rachel McCaleb Watts.

I am very proud of what WBL accomplished in the 2013-14 year.  On top of our traditional support of the New Orleans Child Advocacy Center and helping to establish the new satellite facility at the downtown Family Justice Center, we supplied drinks and snacks for the child witnesses. We also continued our support for Girls First, and worked diligently at the Greater New Orleans Science and Engineering Fair, providing volunteers throughout the fair and awards to students with exceptional environmental projects.

This year we added new programs, supporting the installation of crime cameras in New Orleans, aiding STAIR (Start the Adventure in Reading) for second grade students, and making the first steps toward once again being a presence as court watchers.

My deepest gratitude goes to Nancy, the two Barbaras, Myrtle, the two Judys, Linda, Lois, Margaret, Pam, Christine, Diana, Rose, Justine, Rachel and all the other members who worked so hard with these projects, other projects, and enjoyable and productive meetings and luncheons. This note would not be complete without looking back with pleasure at our October meeting when we were thoroughly entertained and informed about the Mardi Gras Indian tradition.

Have a wonderful summer and rest up to take part in all our activities in 2014-15.

Harriet Aguiar-Netto

 It is with deep sadness that we report the deaths of two of our special members during the past year
Our Founding President, Nancy Albert
 Long Time and Active Member, Alicia Davis
Our sincerest condolences to their family and friends
and our thanks to you for sharing them with us

To view the September 2014 newsletter, click here.

Women for a Better Louisiana – April 2014 Newsletter

The 2014 Nominating Committee asked the 2013-14 Officers to accept Nomination for  2014-15 and the following members graciously accepted:

Harriet Aguiar-Netto- President

Linda Kraus –  Ist Vice President

Lois Lanier – 2nd VP

Judith Callaway – Recording Secretary

Rose Mogabgab – Corresponding Secretary

Corresponding Secretary – open

 Myrtle Dubea – Treasurer – appointed

Anyone Nominated from the floor must have given prior permission to be nominated and be present to be installed.

If there are no nominations from the floor the slate of Officers nominated by the Board will be accepted by Acclamation and Installed.

Many thanks to all who have so graciously agreed to serve as Officers.

Wishing you and us another wonderful year!

Women for a Better Louisiana – March 2014 Newsletter

Click to view the complete newsletter in PDF format.

Guests Encouraged
Wednesday March 26
11 AM
300 Lake Marina Dr. NOLA 70124

Parking in the rear or front (unmarked spaces only) guard will admit you – If lot is full it is permissible to park in some places along street
Light Lunch ~~~~ No Charge
Reservations requested for lunch
Call: Margaret at 832-4384 or  Verse at  834-9410
Please call by Sat. March 22
Please speak slowly & leave your name & phone #

Brad Cousins, Executive Director
Court Watch NOLA

Court Watch NOLA began in 2007 as a grassroots volunteer effort to make New Orleans’ felony court more efficient and transparent. Since then, CWN has recruited, trained and supported volunteers in observing and reporting on whether our judges, prosecutors, public defenders, and other public servants are doing their jobs professionally, transparently, and effectively. CWN is supported by the local business and legal communities, which recognize that criminal justice reform is important to New Orleans’ citizens, city budget, and national image.

Originally just 15 volunteers watching 37 cases, CWN now boasts a diverse volunteer base tracking hundreds of cases. Their daily and visible presence in the courtroom (they carry bright yellow clipboards) helps identify systemic problems while sending the message that New Orleanians care about making the courts more accountable and just.

Message from the president
This year of my presidency is moving along very quickly. Our Christmas tea was better than ever. The speaker from S.T.A.I.R. at the January meeting, Sara Woodard, was very well received and the day of our donation of a tree at the LaSalle Park was beautiful. Ten WBL members did volunteer work at the 58th annual Greater New Orleans Science and Engineering Fair on February 18-20. At our March 26th meeting, aside from our speaker on court watching, we will prepare for our April 23rd trip to the state legislature in Baton Rouge, discuss the closing luncheon and hear the first report from our new chair of Child Advocacy, Rachel Watts.I hope you had a wonderful, fun, safe Mardi Gras!!
Harriet Aguiar-Netto

If you can ——
Bring some soap for Sister Vera at Lantern Light Ministries where the homeless can access showers, laundry, phones, legal aid, medical services, hygiene kits and restroom facilities.
Margaret Ransone is our contact with Sister Vera

Women for a Better Louisiana – January 2014 Newsletter

Click to view the complete newsletter in PDF format.Happy New Year everybody!

Guests Encouraged
January 22 –  11 AM
300 Lake Marina Dr. NOLA 70124
Parking in the rear or front (unmarked spaces only) guard will admit you. If lot is full it is permissible to park in some places along street.

Light Lunch ~~~~ No Charge
 Reservations requested for lunch
 Call: Margaret at 834-4384  or  Verse at  834-9410
Please call by Sat. Jan.  19  Please speak slowly & leave your name & phone #

Hope to see you all at our meeting on January 22nd at 11am at Lake Marina Towers.  Our guest speaker will be Sara Woodward, Executive Director S.T.A.I.R. The meeting will have a Mardi gras motif and the opportunities to own “a piece” of the annual celebration.We will also finalize our volunteer list for the GNOSEF February 18-20.

Harriet and Myrtle (and any anyone else who wishes) will be leaving the meeting early to attend the 2 PM Arbor Day Celebration and dedication of the tree WBL donated to the Oswald-Dubea Arboretum of LaSalle Park.

On April 23, instead of a meeting, we will be going to the Legislature in Baton Rouge.

Soap for Sister Vera
Sr. Vera has directed the Presentation Sisters’ Mid-City based “Lantern Centre Ministries” for the poor and homeless since 2005, initially out of a tiny trailer parked on the grounds of the landmark Tulane Avenue church.  The ministry moved into more modern and spacious headquarters at the church site in 2007. At Lantern Light Ministries the homeless can access showers, laundry, phones, legal aid, medical services, hygiene kits and restroom facilities. Margaret Ransone has asked the women of WBL to assist Sister Vera with her ministry by donating bars of soap. WBL agreed & at each meeting there will be a box for any member bringing soap for Sister Vera. 

WBL Dues are due by Jan 31. Please help us by mailing your dues to
WBL P.O. Box 8361, Metairie La. 70011-8361 or bring to the Jan. meeting.

Download an application.
$25.00 Member, $10.00 Friend or Student, $35.00 Affiliate or Sponsor

$100.00 Individual Patron, $500.00 Corporate Patron

Our Deepest Sympathy and Condolences to our member Harriet Aguiar-Netto on the recent death of her husband Rene Netto Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Harriet.

The 57th Greater New Orleans Science and Engineering Fair will be held at the UNO Human Performance Center on Tuesday, February 26, Wednesday, February 27 and Thursday February 28. Same place as last year.The Awards Ceremony will be held Thursday Evening. Last year’s fair had more than 350 projects for 25 area schools over three days. As you know, an event this large takes a lot of volunteers. Be ready to sign up at our January 23 Meeting or call Barbara @ 504-283-1129.

Click to view the Metropolitan Crime Commission’s letter thanking WBL for their donation of $,1000.
To view other letters of appreciation, click here.

Women for a Better Louisiana – October 2012 Meeting Minutes

Click here to see the October 2012 minutes.

Women for a Better Louisiana – October 2012 Newsletter

Click to view the complete newsletter in PDF format including thank you letters from various organizations.

WBL General MEETING – October17, 2012
3rd Wednesday of the month 10:00 AM
Guests Encouraged
300 Lake Marina Dr. NOLA 70124
Parking in the rear (unmarked spaces only) guard will admit you
Light Lunch – No Charge Reservations required for lunch.
Call: Verse @ 504 834-9410 or Nancy @ 861-8438 by Sat. Friday October 12
Please speak slowly & leave your name & phone number
Please make every effort to attend and bring any friends or family interested in Education

We are privileged to have an excellent Speaker “Leslie Jacobs” at 11:00 AMLeslie Jacobs is an insurance executive who has been been engaged in education reform for more than twenty five years. A native of New Orleans, she began as a business partner with an elementary school, served as an elected member of the New Orleans School Board, and then twelve years on the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE), first appointed by Governor Foster(R) and then re-appointed by Governor Blanco(D). Leslie is considered the architect of Louisiana’s accountability reform. She was instrumental in passing the constitutional amendment that created the Recovery School District and has been very involved in efforts to build successful schools in New Orleans post-Katrina. Leslie is Vice-Chairman of the New Orleans Business Council, Vice-Chairman of the NOLA Business Alliance and CEO of the New Orleans Startup Fund. She recently served as chairman of Greater New Orleans, Inc. She is the founder of 504ward, an initiative focused on retaining young talent in New Orleans and Educate Now!, which is dedicated to the effective and sustainable reforms of New Orleans public schools. Leslie has received numerous honors, most recently being named by Forbes as one of seven people who “demonstrate the leadership and commitment we need to ensure all children get an excellent education” and as 2011 co-New Orleanian of the Year by Gambit magazine. She has also received the “Distinguished Service Award” from the National Association of State Boards of Education and the National Governor’s Association’s Award for Distinguished Service to State Government. She has been named one of the Top 100 Female Insurance Executives by Business Insurance and was selected as one of the “Twenty People Who Influenced Louisiana 1981-2001,” by Louisiana Life magazine.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
You don’t want to miss this exciting Speaker!
Mark your Calendars

October 17, 2012 – WBL General Meeting
10:00 AM—Meeting Starts
11:00 AM—SPEAKER Leslie Jacobs
December 9 2012 – Dec.Tea (Rose Mogabgab is working on details.)
January 23, 2013 – WBL General Meeting
11:00 AM—1:00 PM
Lake Marina Towers
February 26-28 2013 – Volunteer staffing at Greater New Orleans Science and Engineering Fair
Details to be announced later
End of April 2013 – Visit Louisiana Legislature in Baton Rouge
May 22, 2013 – Installation Luncheon and Fundraiser

Women for a Better Louisiana Meeting June 18, 2012
The treasury has a balance, as of May 23, 2012, of $16,540.34 ($6,589.79 for General Fund; $9,554.02 for Child Advocacy; and $396.53 for Hospitality.The following topics were discussed:

Child Advocacy: Nancy Simoneaux reported that $2,660.19 was spent on Child Advocacy which was less than the $3500.00 spent last year. We received another $3,000.00 donation from Gwendolyn LaNasa and Kevin O’Sullivan. In addition, Chevron matched the donation bringing it to a total donation of $6,000.00. Nancy advised that we need to decide how this money will be spent. A representative from the Children’s Advocacy Center will be visiting our board meeting to talk about the new satellite center that will be opening. They need our help in developing “Happy Spots”. We may want to contribute some of the recent donation money to this cause. (To see a list of desired items, click here.) There was discussion regarding contributions to Kingsley House, the Lighthouse and Girls First.
Education: Margaret Ransone will be attending the school board meetings. She discovered that a large company will be taking over the printing and developing the content of the textbooks. She wants to find out more about this company.
Historian: Lois Lanier advised that she has not kept up with WBL’s historical data. Most of the data was destroyed in the hurricane. She advised that Barbara LaNasa has kept copies of our newsletter so we have that information. Lois advised that she will start documenting our data.
Membership: Nancy Simoneaux and Rose Mogabgab reported we have forty-nine (49) members. (NOTE: After review of the minutes, Nancy revised membership number. Thirty-nine (39) members, eight (8) friends, totaling forty-seven (47).
Publicity/Fundraiser: Linda Kraus and Diana Bulot reported they had sent information to several newspapers regarding the Science Fair. The fundraiser at the May Installation Luncheon netted $99.00. Publicity will be reviewed pending the status of the Times-Picayune.
Science Fair: Science Fair: Members were advised the Science Fair will be February 26 – 28, 2013. The Science Fair will be held in the same location on UNO’s campus. Harriet advised that Barbara LaNasa welcomed a gentleman at the last Science Fair who bad brought his daughter to visit the Fair, because she is interested in participating. After a short chat about the operations of the Fair and looking over some previous Programs together, Barbara recognized him from before Katrina when he was a donor to the Fair. His interest in the Fair dates back to the days when he was a student of Marjorie King and an enthusiastic participant in the Fair. Barbara introduced him to those handling the fair and, through those efforts he ended up contributing $25,000 to the Science Fair. The board recognized Barbara for obtaining this contribution since, without her taking the time to talk with this gentleman this generous donation may never have been possible.This wonderful donor who now owns his own successful technology company is H. Britton Sanderford, Jr. Mr. Sanderford was the originator of the $1000Teacher/Mentor Awards that we now divide amongst the teachers/mentors who have gone the extra mile to support their students. (Note: Some of this information was not provided at the meeting but was added by Barbara LaNasa during the review of the minutes)
Telephone Committee: Nancy Simoneaux, Verse Bahle and Margaret Ransone will continue to call members for reminders of meetings and events.
Area Beautification: Myrtle Dubea distributed information regarding curbside recycling in Jefferson Parish.
Visitor: Lorrie Brennan with Children’s Advocacy Center (NOCAC) presented information regarding the second site for NOCAC. She advised the NOCAC Cottage on Calhoun will remain open, the satellite is in addition to the first location. The satellite NOCAC will be located on the second floor of the U.S. Postal Building, 701 Loyola Avenue, New Orleans, LA. It was decided to create a new center due to the increase in client load.They need new equipment as this location will have one area for young clients, another for older (i.e. teenagers). She provided a “wish list” which was passed among the board members. If WBL decides to donate, the check should be made to NOCAC with a notation on the check where WBL would like the money applied.Lorrie thanked the board for donating the food, toys, clothes, etc. She mentioned that they could use buttons and plastic tiaras. The children love playing with both. The board agreed that a one-time donation to the CAC satellite center of  $3,000.00 will be donated to assist in purchasing camera and recording systems.The board proposes the following budget for the upcoming year:

  • New NOCAC Satellite Center: $3,000.00 for camera and recording system
  • Roots of Music $500.00
  • Girls First $400.00
  • Girl Scouts $100.00
  • Science Fair $500.00
  • NOCAC $1,000.00
  • Thomas Young Auxillary of SE LA Hosp $300.00
  • New Orleans Police Dept. $500.00

Total: $6,300.00To read the complete minutes, click here.WBLNO Newsletter May 2012Barbara LaNasa reports on the May luncheon and installation of officers plus upcoming events. Click to read the May edition.Maria Falco our Organizer for WBL‘s Day at the Legislature Reports:
The meeting at the State Legislature went very well. Approximately 13 people from our group were present.Representative Tony Ligi introduced us from the podium of the Governmental Affairs Committee, and visited us again in the lunchroom. He arranged for us to take a tour of theCapitol Building which most of us took. Then we visited the House of Representatives and the Senate during the afternoon sessions before leaving.I’ve heard nothing but good reports so far from all those who attended.Thanks for all of your hard work, MariaGreater New Orleans Science & Engineering Fair, Region IX of LouisianaThe 56th Greater New Orleans Science & Engineering Fair, Region IX of Louisiana was a howling success, thanks to superb Directors and Board Members, excellent and dedicated Volunteers and an outstanding group of Teachers and Students. To see more including photos visit the Events page.

Thanks so much to our  2012  WBL Greater New Orleans Science and Engineering Fair Volunteers — Harriet Aguiar-Netto, WBL Chairman, Christine Trevett, Margaret Ransone,  Barbara LaNasa,  Lois Lanier,  Pam Rogers, Nancy Simoneaux, Rosemary Clark, Judy Fosco, Diana Bulot, Judy Callaway, Linda Kraus and friend Merilynn Metzger.
We were also assisted by our Friends from the TELEPHONE PIONEERS:
Marie “Weezie” Gaudet, Pat Duplantis, Ruben Reynolds, Aline Reynolds and Gilda Wise, during their usual Thursday Student and Public Visitation, and Project storing times.
We also had excellent help from a new group of 12 students from Holy Cross High School and their teacher, WARREN BERNARD, PHD, Science Dept, Student Research and STEM Coordinator. They were a spirited group and helped with the visiting students on Thursday morning and storing the Projects for later pickup.  Dr. Bernard is also a helpful, new member to the GNOSEF Board.  Thank you Holy Cross High School.

And we must not forget our wonderful Financial Supporters, without whom we could not have a Fair, and bring this wonderful opportunity to so many students:

  • Patrick F. Taylor Foundation
  • Huntington Ingalls
  • Laitram, L.L.C.
  • National Assn. of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) International
  • Society of Petroleum Engineers
  • Council of Petroleum Accountants Society
  • Louisiana Science and Engineering Fair (LSEF)
  • Women for a Better Louisiana
  • Harriet Aguiar-Netto
  • Danica Benbow
  • The Bruce J. Heim Foundation
  • Orleans Medical Society Alliance
  • New Orleans Geological Society
  • American Welding Society

2012 Community Supporters were:

  • Tulane University
  • University of New Orleans
  • Women for a Better Louisiana
  • Telephone Pioneers of Metairie

Women for a Better Louisiana Meeting January 18, 2012 

The meeting was held at Lake Marina Towers on January 18, 2012. The following topics were discussed:
The Science Fair -Members were advised the Science Fair will be February 28-29 and March 1, 2012. Harriet confirmed appointments with members who had previously scheduled dates. In addition, she requested and received volunteers for those dates and times not already filled.
Nomination of Officers
Click here to read the minutes.