The goal of Women for a Better Louisiana is to improve the quality of life in Louisiana by actively working to attain honest and efficient government, a clean environment, litter control and beautification, interest and actions in helping prevent child abuse and helping victims, and other timely concerns.

Women for a Better Louisiana, a non-profit, non-partisan organization, was chartered in July, 1986. We are an action oriented group which keeps members informed of, and involved in, timely issues affecting the quality of life in Louisiana. Our members serve on State Task Forces and Parish Advisory Committees. We network with like-minded groups on particular issues. WBL invites anyone who wants to share in our efforts for the betterment of our state to join. We welcome those who can only support our aim with annual dues. The more members we have, the more positive and far reaching our influence.

Below is a presentation of the accomplishments and activities of Women for a Better Louisiana created by Christine Trevett. Click the icon in the lower right corner to view the presentation full size.


This essay highlights some of these dedicated women and demonstrates how citizen participation can reap big results for the benefit of all. Click here to read the article by Denese M. Neu, Ph.D.


As with so many groups post KATRINA, WBL is experiencing the loss of members who never moved back, plus the prospective loss of several of our officers and Board Members. In other cases, our members are just so stressed out with moving/rebuilding, etc. that they cannot presently contribute much to WBL other than paying dues and attending meetings (which we deeply appreciate!).

We are happy to report we do have some new members… .the problem, as always is, do they have time to become officers, heads of committees, etc.

This Metro area needs our help more than ever… we have had appeals for court watching on child sexual abuse cases, assisting the NOPD CHILD ABUSE UNIT with replacing or upgrading equipment (such as hand held tape recorders to take evidence at the scene), continue assisting N. O. CHILDREN ADVOCACY CENTER BY providing small microwave meals, snacks and drinks for the children.

We also send donations to GIRLS FIRST, ROOTS OF MUSIC, and the THOMAS L. YOUNG AUXILIARY. We support the GREATER NEW ORLEANS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING FAIR held each spring. Many volunteers (men welcome also) are needed to staff the Fair for several days.

Annual Dues are due on January 1 of each year. Click here for an application. Make checks payable to Women for A Better Louisiana and mail to:

Women for A Better Louisiana
P.O. Box 8361
Metairie, Louisiana 70011-8361